Techasaurus is my Ltd company through which I provide design and authoring services.  I am available on a freelance/contract or turn-key basis to:

  • Write engaging and well written documentation for software and hardware products
  • Create online and web based help and assistance
  • Design and populate elearning lessons and assessments with the tools listed in software skills

Going Mobile? I have knowledge of the issues around the design and delivery of products to the mobile user e.g. delivering to tablets and smart phones.

Over the last 20 years I’ve worked for companies such as Fujitsu Telecomm Europe, Corus, NorthGate IS, nCode International, LightWork Design 3D Rendering,  MoD, Defra, LINE Learning & Communications, etc.

I am SC cleared and Sheffield, England based, and available to work within the UK.

email: paul AT techasaurus.co.uk

LinkedIn: Paul Newbold